It’s not you; it’s me.

And for the first time in history, that is actually a true statement. It isn’t you. It is unequivocally, 100 percent an issue with the person I see in the mirror 12 times a day.

The “IT” in this case is not a failed romantic relationship. That could never be my fault. The “IT” is this post. This article. This gathering or words.

I am literally writing this for myself. It is step one (for about the 15th time) in me showing up and establishing some accountability for the things I say I want to do.

So, this is me talking to me, tell me to to get my shit together.

There is a plan. A schedule. A process that I am establishing. I’m not telling you what that is though. I don’t need the eyes of the masses to hold me accountable. Yes, I’m putting this on the interwebs for all (share with your many friends and family members) the world to see, but that is simply a part of the process. A piece of the pact that I’m making with myself.

This is like the workout I do at home. No one sees it. I don’t post it. I just do it. And I knew I did, and that’s what counts.

The next thing I write might be for you. Yes, you.

Unless it’s not.

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